The QuestionPro app syncs with your QuestionPro account to enable access to Offline Survey. Collect survey responses and access reports anytime, anywhere - even when not connected to the web.

Offline Survey Mode

The offline survey mode provides the ability to administer user-created surveys even when the device is not connected to the web, alleviating concerns about losing data if a connection is lost while the survey is being completed. Once the Android Phone is back online, the completed surveys can be uploaded to your QuestionPro account.


- Administer surveys from your QuestionPro account while not connected (offline)

- Synchronize with your QuestionPro account's database to retrieve surveys created online

- Synchronizes with your QuestionPro account online and upload the surveys collected offline

- Intuitive user interface that shows the number of completed and incomplete surveys

- Convenient way to complete tradeshow surveys and polls, sales lead forms, mall-intercepts, field and market research, metric collection and more, all while offline

- Incorporate your company's branding/logo in the header of the surveys to strengthen your brand and enhance the user experience

Question types for offline survey mode include:


Rank order

Signature collection

Multiple choice (select one or many)

Multi-point & graphical scales

Drop-down menus

Comment boxes, single row and numeric input text

Contact information

Video play & rate


Audio, video, photo capture

Constant sum

Following Features are implemented in Next version:

Logic & scripting supported:

Branching, skip and preprocessor logic.

On-device data logging

Logic validation

- Custom Theme Support from Web

- Multilingual Support

- Branching

- Multiple Bug Fixes


- Online Mode(Reporting Dashboard )

QuestionPro's mobile reporting dashboard puts data visualization literally at your fingertips - utilize the touch gesture interface to visualize your survey results in a brand new way, even when you're not online. And graphs and charts are easily shared from within the app.


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