Quick GPS Measuring Pro

【免費工具App】Quick GPS Measuring Pro-APP點子

Most simple and accurate GPS tool to measuring distance/speed/path and time. This is a full and ads free version of our popular tool. The Pro version also displays your current altitude.

This app is perfectly tracking the distance, path length, current, average and top speed. It also keeps measuring the

time during your journey. You can use the Quick GPS Measuring to:

1. measure distance from point A to point B

2. measure the exact path you go to your office

3. walk and get the path to the nearest market, buss station or what ever you want

4. keep track of your travel

5. keep track of your training

6. measure your top speed while running, driving or cycling

7. know your average or current speed

8. measure the time you need to go to your office

【免費工具App】Quick GPS Measuring Pro-APP點子

9. We also found it great to track your Camino de Santiago progress.

The Quick GPS Measuring combines a stopwatch, GPS and some clever logic to measure the:

1. Distance - this is the distance between current location and point A (start point)

2. Path: - the path length traveled between start and end.

3. Top Speed - quickest speed reached

4. Average Speed

5. Current Speed

6. Time passed

Quick GPS Measuring is the accurate and very easy to use GPS distance / path / speed meter.

【免費工具App】Quick GPS Measuring Pro-APP點子

You will find many more situations where you can use it.

【免費工具App】Quick GPS Measuring Pro-APP點子

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