Quick Heal MDM Client

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

The Quick Heal Mobile Device Management (MDM) client allows you to enroll your corporate device with the seamless cloud-based solution for all Android mobile devices within your enterprise. Once your device is connected with the corporate network, an authorized administrator can manage and control the mobile fleet. The MDM solution secures, monitors and manages mobile devices deployed across Android platforms. It also blocks phishing and malicious websites and filters web access.

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

Quick Heal MDM client key highlights:

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

★ Cloud-based mobile device management solution

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

★ Easy and quick enrollment in MDM

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

★ Group devices together for seamless management

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

★ Verify compliance with corporate security policies

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

★ Successfully safeguard enterprise data and intellectual property

Other salient features of Quick Heal MDM:

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

★ Safeguard devices with reliable anti-theft features such as remote lock, unlock and wipe

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

★ Locate devices that are lost or stolen

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

★ View the geolocation history of devices on the map

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

★ Receive alerts for SIM card changes

【免費工具App】Quick Heal MDM Client-APP點子

★ View in-depth reports about compromised and rooted devices

★ Browser and web browsing filtering

★ Restrictions on device features such as camera, mobile data etc.

★ Enforcement of password policies and configurations

Activation instructions:

★ Download and install the Quick Heal MDM client on your Android device

★ Enter the details as provided by the administrator. This includes OTP and company code in the enrollment email/SMS.

★ Follow the instructions of the wizard and accept the terms of use.

Note: The Quick Heal MDM account must be set up and you must have details such as company code and OTP. Kindly contact your IT administrator before installing the Quick Heal MDM client.

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