Quick Heart Rate Monitor Pro

【免費健康App】Quick Heart Rate Monitor Pro-APP點子

Quick-HRM(Quick -Heart Rate Mointor)

【免費健康App】Quick Heart Rate Monitor Pro-APP點子

Now you can check your heart rate, in real time, with your smart phone.

You can see your heart rate, so quickly, precisely and simply.

Any complex connection process is not required with any device, for using Quick-HRM.

Download and find, now, how it is simple. You’ll then find out how it is easy. This application will be upgraded continuously, and has been developed for users to be convenient.

This is for you!!


1. Real-time heart rate measurement (Pay version: 7sec required for measurement, fastest speed in the World)

2. Management of the history of heart rates, and of the number of measurement

3. Automatic functions of recognition of heartbeat signal, and of measurement

4. Sharing measured information through Twitter and Face book

5. Reliable measuring results

Purposes of use

1. Checking user’s heart rate in real-time

2. For whom needs continuous monitoring of heart rate and management of record history

3. For whom wants to check exercise level and strength

4. For whom needs fitness and health management

【免費健康App】Quick Heart Rate Monitor Pro-APP點子

How it works?

After illuminating the light from smart phone flash, the change of light is to be recognized by the application, by which the heart rate of user is detected (PPG mechanism / medical pulse oximeters)

【免費健康App】Quick Heart Rate Monitor Pro-APP點子

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