Ever been in a situation where somebody threw out a word or phrase that EVERYBODY knew but you? Are you a student and need help figuring out where to start studying for a particular subject? Are you a parent with "hip" kids and you don't know what the heck they're talking about sometimes?

QuickStudy is a tool that helps you quickly learn about keywords or phrases... without you having to figure out which way is up.

We start with a search, and whatever we find is summarized into a few bullet points (using Natural Language Processing) so you can decide if you want to explore that result further or not.


Interactive Features:

- Limit search types (Web only, News only, or both)

- Include alternative word spellings

- Limit the number of results per search type

- Tap a result to visit the original source

- Tap and hold a result to:


----> Share with Social Networks

----> Save or share selected results via email

If you have feedback, questions/concerns or bug reports please use the appropriate contact method in the "about this app" area.


Please contact us using the "About this app..." menu item if you have questions, suggestions and bug reports.




1. Additional speed and stability fixes based user feedback.


2. Re-implemented single-tap to visit article source feature.

3. Fixed bug where the app seemed to stop after switching from the Search page to the Results page.

4. Temporarily removed the "include suggestions" feature; will add it back soon.


5. Began fixing bug where app acts wonky if user hits the "Back" button while on the Results page before result processing is complete. This is a work in progress, so please let us know if you run into issues or weird behavior there.



1. Speed and stability fixes based upon user feedback (thank you users!).


2. Added context menu to results display page. Now, Tap and Hold on a result to access sharing capabilities.

3. Increased the overall number of results that can b returned. Theoretically there is no limit... but in reality it's about 50 per source type. Performance rapidly degrades after that.


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