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Create message templates for one-click sending from your home screen!

Do you find yourself sending the same text messages to the same people all of the time? Why keep retyping those repetitive texts over and over? QuickText Pro lets you save the messages you use most, ready to send any time you open the app. Tap the app menu and click "Add New" to create a new message template. The new template appears on your QuickText list. Any time you want to send it, just tap the message, then tap "Send," and the SMS is on its way. Two clicks and you're done.

Need faster results? How about a one-click solution? This Pro version of QuickText enables you to create a one-click home screen shortcut to one of your QuickText templates. To create a shortcut, long press on an empty area on your home screen, select "Add Shortcut," and select QuickText. Then click on the template that you want and the shortcut installs on your home screen, immediately. Now whenever you want to send that template, all you have to do is tap the home screen template once.

Backup of QuickTexts are also featured in this version!

【免費工具App】QuickText PRO-APP點子

【免費工具App】QuickText PRO-APP點子

【免費工具App】QuickText PRO-APP點子

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