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The Quiet Nap and Restful Sleep programs were developed to help you get a power nap

or restful sleep. These programs will help ease you hypnotically into the sleep state. You

【免費醫療App】Quiet Sleep Quiet Nap-APP點子

will learn how to naturally fall asleep, using your own mind to relax and unwind. As you

practice relaxing with the audios, drifting into sleep will become a simple process.

The 8 minute Quiet Nap program allows you a quick recharge anytime you need a

【免費醫療App】Quiet Sleep Quiet Nap-APP點子

refreshing sleep break. If you choose to sleep longer, you may want to set an alarm.

Or you can take the 8 minutes as a short relaxation to give your body and mind a rest.

【免費醫療App】Quiet Sleep Quiet Nap-APP點子

Shelley includes techniques to help your mind calm down quickly, letting go of stress,

helping you feel ready to refocus on your day. The Quiet Nap with no sound is free.

【免費醫療App】Quiet Sleep Quiet Nap-APP點子

There are several options to choose from if you want soothing background sounds to

enhance your relaxation experience.

The Restful Sleep audio is 15 minutes in length. By listening to this audio, you can

【免費醫療App】Quiet Sleep Quiet Nap-APP點子

learn to quiet your mind naturally, and prepare yourself for a full relaxing sleep. Shelley

combines relaxation, mental imagery and self-hypnosis suggestions that encourage

【免費醫療App】Quiet Sleep Quiet Nap-APP點子

your mind, body and emotions to experience a deep sleep state. If you want background

sounds to add to your imagery experience, you have several options you can choose.

Shelley’s private practice experience in marriage and family therapy, addictions

【免費醫療App】Quiet Sleep Quiet Nap-APP點子

treatment, clinical psychophysiology and clinical hypnosis have given her a broad

range of experience in working with sleep issues with her clients. Sleep problems often

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accompany stress, depression, anxiety, or overwork. She has found that mental imagery

techniques can be the option for clients that allows them to gain control over their sleep.

If you find that you need additional help with your sleep, you may want to consult a

【免費醫療App】Quiet Sleep Quiet Nap-APP點子

medical or mental health provider. You may want to inform them that you are working

with these audios as self-help aids to improve your sleep.

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