Quit Smoking: Simple and Quick

【免費健康App】Quit Smoking: Simple and Quick-APP點子

This Quit Smoking :Simple and Quick app is based on the cognitive bias modification therapy (aka cbmt) which is proven to assist people in changing unhelpful habits and unhelpful mental patterns.

The app works by retraining people's brain to "focus on the positive alternatives" (and equally important "not to focus on the negative craving") which in turn changes the cognitive process of your mind, leading you to be drawn to positive alternatives and away from thoughts of smoking. Even the apparently innocuous selection of a happy face in a crowd of neutral/anxious faces will have a lasting and significant effect on the mind.

Three simple steps to reducing cravings and reprogramming your automatic response to nicotine cravings,- start the app and

1. In the training section of the app, select an alternative to the smoking related options

【免費健康App】Quit Smoking: Simple and Quick-APP點子

2. Keep doing this until your time is up (it takes about a minute each time) and you will then be given a "score"

3. Check your progress at the progress page to see what progress you have made- and now check the calendar to see the "Seinfeld calendar" effect of tracking your usage.

The core activity for you is to complete the app training daily. This can be done whenever you get a free minute – on a train or bus or at any quite moment during the day. After a while the app will tell you to move to a more advanced level (to keep you improving and to reinforce your previous learning [altering your cognitive bias]).

A BBC Horizon program reviewed the technique early in 2013 and can recommend that you take a look at that program and the following site as well for more information (we are not affiliated in any way with the following site or the program, the good work there is all theirs) http://www.rainybrainsunnybrain.com/bbc-horizon/

Check out our web site www.cbmt4you.com where you can leave feedback (we are delighted to hear from you) or tweet us @cbmt4you and where we have a list of cognitive biases for your reflection.

【免費健康App】Quit Smoking: Simple and Quick-APP點子

Thanks and enjoy.

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