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"Quote Of The Day App" - a simple app for browsing awesome quotes in a random fashion, with minimal features and clean look. Most of the quotes are supposed to be inspirational, funny, rational, entrepreneurial, scientific and human-life/success/happiness related. You can browse random quotes even when you're OFFLINE.

All the quotes are handpicked and error free (at least what I think, let me know if there is any error or something). Although, the number of quotes are not very much at this time but the quotes collection will be updated soon.

### Features :

【免費書籍App】Quote of The Day App-APP點子

+ a new quote, each time you open the app

+ get a random quote on demand (just hit another quote button)

+ no_other_features :) [although in next version I may implement some social features or some more search options (by topic or mood) or something else depending on your request/feedback]

Get Ready to inspired!

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