RC Lap Telemetry

【免費生活App】RC Lap Telemetry-APP點子

RC Lap Telemetry is the mobile application for Android devices that all fans of modeling and holders of un'automodello combustion or electric been waiting for.

Addressed to both amateur and professionals, the app will be able to measure up to your every hundredth of a second round.

In fact Rc Lap Telemetry, using the camera of your device like a motion sensor, as soon as there are changes will start the next round.

Depending on the brightness level you can adjust the sensitivity of the camera.

Comparing the app to the many kits on the market we can find 3 main differences:

【免費生活App】RC Lap Telemetry-APP點子

- Will be using only your smartphone

- No need to install any transponder on the model

- Significantly lower cost

3 main recommendations, when using the app is established that:

- The smartphone is completely stopped (the app detects all changes in pixel at the center of the camera)

- Be careful not to cast a shadow on the straight where you place your smartphone (the app detects all changes in pixel at the center of the camera)

【免費生活App】RC Lap Telemetry-APP點子

- With increasing brightness decrease the sensitivity of the camera


Features of the app:

- Measurement of each lap

- Game clock

【免費生活App】RC Lap Telemetry-APP點子

- Decibel reading engine

- Calculating the average speed of each lap (only if you set the length of the track)

- Speech synthesis (using the speaker app will keep you on time and on account of laps)

- Ability to set the flash at each step from the street (recommended on late afternoon or evening)

- Creation card model / models

【免費生活App】RC Lap Telemetry-APP點子

- Creation board track / tracks

- Results sending message by email

- Save results as notes on apps like Evernote

- Are stored in memory for each of the 10 best route

- Stored in memory the last 10 laps for each track

【免費生活App】RC Lap Telemetry-APP點子

User Guide:

(We are working on creating a video tutorial that explains the 3 key steps to take full advantage of the application)

STEP 1: Create tab layout

STEP2: Create card model

STEP3: Camera Calibration

【免費生活App】RC Lap Telemetry-APP點子

Please let me know any bugs or advice to the facebook page:


or by contacting me at my email address:


【免費生活App】RC Lap Telemetry-APP點子

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