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Who am I, anyway?

A decorated Vietnam Veteran and formerly with NASA, Ralph Roberts has been publishing science fiction stories steadily since his first sale to ISAAC ASMIOV’S SF in 1980. His story “Logistics” appeared in SPACE CADETS, an anthology that premiered at the 2006 World Science Fiction Convention and which Ralph attended, signing over 300 copies.

Roberts has written over 100 books for national publishers along with thousands of articles and short stories. His bestsellers include the first U.S. book on computer viruses (which resulted in several appearances on national TV) and CLASSIC COOKING WITH COCA-COLA®, a cookbook that has been in continuous print for the past 16 years and sold half a million copies.

Roberts, as a publisher has placed hundreds of titles into the national bookstore market. His science fiction imprint, Farthest Star SF, does reprints (over 40 titles by multi Hugo and Nebula winner Mike Resnick) and original science fiction.

He is also a longtime video producer with over 100 DVD titles now for sale nationally on places such as Amazon.com, and has also produced hundreds of hours of video for local TV in the Western North Carolina area. Ralph is listed as ‘Ralph Roberts (IV)’ in IMDB. He has also done script work for Hollywood producers and sold several movie options during his career. He has also produced several hundred hours of TV shows and has over 100 DVD titles for sale on Amazon.com.

His most recently published book is CELTX: OPEN SOURCE SCREENWRITING and he is currently writing GOOGLE APP INVENTOR BY EXAMPLE.

Ralph lives in the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina, the “Land of the Sky.”






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