RSB Rids

【免費通訊App】RSB Rids-APP點子

•Call every mobile or landline in the world.

•Via WiFi and 3G/4G/LTE with an app.

【免費通訊App】RSB Rids-APP點子

•Number 1 travel app in over 200 countries!

•Free app, today with extra free trial minutes!

【免費通訊App】RSB Rids-APP點子

•Rates are 90% lower than regular providers!

expected more than 2,000,000 users joined us in the 6 months!

Low battery consumption, no advertisements and extremely low data usage. Rates do not depend on the country from which you call, but only on the country to which you call. Easy: the receiver sees only your current mobile number and you can call your contacts directly from within the app.

Praises about RSB Rids!:

• “an easy way to save money when phoning abroad” – The Financial Post

【免費通訊App】RSB Rids-APP點子

• “Rids! is a great option with the same user experience as a normal cell call” – The Huffington Post

• “Rids empowers the user by offering everyone high-quality, reliable and cheap calls” – Business Journal

Example rates: Still not convinced?

【免費通訊App】RSB Rids-APP點子

Check out our cheap rates – check out all our rates!

United States/Canada

Mobile: $ 0.01 Landline: $ 0.01

Europe (EU countries)

【免費通訊App】RSB Rids-APP點子

Mobile: $ 0.09 Landline: $ 0.03


Mobile: $ 0.01 Landline: $ 0.01


【免費通訊App】RSB Rids-APP點子

Mobile 0.021 Landline 0.021

- Cheap rates -

With Rids!, you can call across the globe for low calling rates – 90% cheaper than your mobile provider and 70% cheaper than Skype.

- Easy iTunes top up -

【免費通訊App】RSB Rids-APP點子

You can use your iTunes account to buy call credits in the app.

- No more worry about costs -

Don’t pay the premium price for minutes when you exceed your mobile monthly plan! Just switch to Rids! for those extra minutes you need to get through the month. No hassle with monthly recurring costs, no bill shock.

- One account for all your devices -

【免費通訊App】RSB Rids-APP點子

Smartphone or tablet? Devices from different brands? Don’t worry. Rids! has got you covered: one account for all your devices, regardless the platform.

- Bonus offer today only -

Just download the app, install and register, and you are ready to go – try it out with the trial minutes we’ve put in your account (today only)!

【免費通訊App】RSB Rids-APP點子

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