It is the best choice to enhance magical effects with cards.

Sometimes the magician can use technology to recreate their miracles, and this is an example of this.



The wizard gives to choose a letter; which must be memorized or remembered by the audience or the public. Then the magician asks the viewer that you enter the letter in the harness and mix so that the wizard can know its location or value.

The magician takes the deck and after browsing it takes a letter showing her to the Viewer... who tells him that it does not correspond to the letter, chosen... the magician leaves the letter on top of the deck and prompts the Viewer to extend your left hand where to put the deck to use the latest technology magical technology. (The cellular device or Tablet) with which be scanned hand and deck to find the selected card.

Showing your phone and Tablet and placing it on top of the left hand of the beholder... it makes a touch on the screen of the device to activate it and is already... The letter, chosen by the spectator becomes visible on the screen.

App for professional magicians made by Mago Hamelin Colombia

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