Rabbit and Eggs

【免費休閒App】Rabbit and Eggs-APP點子

Easter is coming and the bunny needs to get a lot of eggs of different types. Can you help him?

The Easter themed game for kids you were looking for.

Use your finger to draw chocolate lines where the rabbit will bounce. Don't let him fall!

【免費休閒App】Rabbit and Eggs-APP點子

Each line you draw uses your chocolate, and when the rabbit hits one egg, you get more chocolate. Simple and fun.

Rabbit and Eggs is based on Chalk Ball with a simplified gameplay and specially themed for Easter.

If you like this game, you should try Chalk Ball for the full bouncing experience, more challenges and different adventures.

* Gameplay

There are 6 different levels. Each one requires you to get a number of eggs of a type.

As you advance in the path the eggs you need are more and more rares.

On the advanced levels there are also "black eggs". They count as negative eggs if you hit them. Be careful!

* Credits

Rabbit and Eggs has been developed with AndEngine and Box2D as physics engine (http://www.andengine.org/)

Sound effects from The Freesound Project (http://www.freesound.org/)

This game features the song "The King of Faeries/The Mermaid" from the album "Irish roots" by Brigan Ensamble, licensed under Creative Commons.

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