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【免費音樂App】Radio Netherlands-APP點子

With this application you can listen to the radio stations of the Netherlands or, under the headline World, you can access the radio stations worldwide, categorized according to the country they belong to.

This app enables you to listen and to record the station you listen to.

【免費音樂App】Radio Netherlands-APP點子

Main features:

- A special category for your own country

【免費音樂App】Radio Netherlands-APP點子

- A section to access the radio channels of the world

- You can record the channel you are currently listening to and access the record list easily

【免費音樂App】Radio Netherlands-APP點子

- You can determine a certain time for the app to shut down

- Channels can be added to your favorite list

【免費音樂App】Radio Netherlands-APP點子

- The channels can be played in the background. They can be accessed easily via shortcuts, started and closed.

- You can reach the channels which you listened to in the near past via the history menu.

【免費音樂App】Radio Netherlands-APP點子

- You can search among all radio channels

- Even at low internet speed, quick download and good listening quality

【免費音樂App】Radio Netherlands-APP點子

Attention : The channels are updated automatically. Please send us your wishes and expectations. If there are channels which you would like to see on our list and which we should remove from it, please contact us.

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