Rainy Sleep

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• Stunning high-resolution HD audio. Enhanced 48kHz sample rate for better-than-CD quality.

• All-new sounds recorded by the world's top audio engineers. These amazing sound designers have also done work for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and BBC.

• Random sound generator with massive sample library. Varied impact textures including grass, dirt, wood, tin roof, leaves, concrete, etc.

• 100+ unique thunder claps.

• Separate volume controls for rain/thunder.

• Play your music library simultaneously. Also works with Spotify.

【免費健康App】Rainy Sleep-APP點子

• Sleep timer.

"Simply the best app that I've ever seen. ★★★★★"

"Absolutely perfect. ★★★★★"

"Even better than the website! ★★★★★"

"An amazing study and sleep aid. ★★★★★"

"This is what perfection sounds like. ★★★★★"

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