Random Wallpaper Changer

【免費個人化App】Random Wallpaper Changer-APP點子

Very simple and easy-to-use random wallpaper changer. You can configure to change the wallpaper at a specific interval, on screen unlock, or even both. The application is battery-friendly and won't hog your CPU.

The wallpapers are pulled from your Gallery application.


- Change wallpaper at a set interval (minutes, seconds, days)

- Change wallpaper on screen unlock

- Change picture position (fit to screen, fill screen)

- Very small binary

【免費個人化App】Random Wallpaper Changer-APP點子

- Light on battery usage

- Light on CPU usage

- FAST wallpaper change

If you have any suggestions for improvement or have any issues please write us an e-mail (support@synaptik.com)! We want you have the best experience!



SET_WALLPAPER = Needed to change the wallpaper

【免費個人化App】Random Wallpaper Changer-APP點子

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED = To start the application back up when your phone powers on

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