Simply put, the best multi-purpose random-number generator around Windows Phone Store.

◦ Random numbers on the fly

Whether you need one or more dice to play Monopoly, a reliable tool to run a lottery or a heads/tails quick tournament, this is the app to use. You can create as many authentically random numbers as you wish in just a few taps (or none actually! Shake-to-randomize is also an option!)

◦ Quick dice mode or custom range


If all you want is a dice to get rolling, it's there by default! However, you can also specify a custom range for the generated random numbers (and include even negative ones!).

◦ Did your Facebook profile got hacked?

Now you can create your new super-strong password in just a single tap. Just select how many digits you want and whooop! No more panicking! What's more, you can send the new password by sms or e-mail, or just copy/paste it right away.

◦ Dirty hands for your crystal-clean screen or just want to impress your buddies?


Turn on the accelerometer, shake your device and fresh random numbers will start popping out immediately! (Shake-to-randomize feature)

◦ But wait, there is more!

Even after you exit the app, it will keep feeding you with randomness!

Thanks to a beautiful Live Tile, you will get fresh random numbers every now and then, in case you need any.


Randomizer app comes with:

• Quick dice mode

• Αdjustable numeric range

• String randomizer, with adjustable string length

• Password generator

• Coin Toss, with 3 different coins to choose from


• Shake-to-randomize feature

Download now for FREE!!!


-Updated version 3.0 now includes:


•All-new algorithm for authentically random results

•Robust password generator

•Live Tile

•Beautiful animations

•Sharing options for generated passwords

•Redesigned & restructured UI, so as to be more ergonomic


•New artwork

•Bug fixes

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