Rapid Ball

【免費街機App】Rapid Ball-APP點子

Rapid Ball is kind of fall-down game with a lot of fun and challenges. Your mission is tilting the phone to move the ball between platforms without crashing into neither the top, the bottom nor the spikes


- Hit boxes for bonus

【免費街機App】Rapid Ball-APP點子

- High fall for more points

- Platforms speed increases every 1000 pts gained

* Magic Box:

【免費街機App】Rapid Ball-APP點子

- Break it to have one of the following bonus: extra life, extra points, crumble (spike breaker), slow (platform), multiple (double, treble, etc)

* Fall with Style (FwS):

- FwS is falling from the top to a platform at the bottom. In one single life, you get extra 100 pts for the 1st FwS, 200 pts for the 2nd, 300 pts for the 3th, etc.

【免費街機App】Rapid Ball-APP點子

* Spike Breaker:

- Once the ball has \"crumble\", it can break spike. In one single life, you gain 100 pts for the 1st spike broke, 200 pts for the 2nd, 300 pts for the 3th, etc.

Physic engine: AndEngine (http://www.andengine.org/)

Sound effects: The Freesound Project (http://www.freesound.org/)

KWs: fall, falldown, drop, ball

【免費街機App】Rapid Ball-APP點子

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