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Application "," featured multiple legs and diversity will be able to read the Quran fully through the Internet or without the Internet.

Some features in the application, " Read Quran online " :

Quranic words you can translate it to English and understand the meaning accurately.


Quranic to explore your information in English and should you have to choose the correct answers to be able to complement the game.

Prayer times depending on where you live and differs from Shafee to the Hanafi and you can choose what suits you from the side menu.

【免費書籍App】Read Quran online-APP點子


Qiblah direction where you can see the direction of the Qibla anywhere in the world and pray properly.


Islamic holidays precise dates and also the Gregorian date.

Also you can find out all the mosques near you Once you determine your place of program settings.


There are some selected Ayat you can listen to them in Arabic and translated in English for further explanation of the meaning of the Quranic Ayat and understanding.

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