Real Car Racing Game 3D

【免費賽車遊戲App】Real Car Racing Game 3D-APP點子

One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving game ever made for Android! And it's free!

Real Car Racing Game 3D: Feel the Power! The long-awaited and the most popular CSR Car Racing in the world are finally here! Race your dream car in the ultimate Scenario: A Real Need for Speed Game 3D along deserted village and city streets. 3D graphics with addictive game-play. You can freeze the enemies’ car as well as shoot these cars with gun and missile. You can also use nitro for boost the car for winning race.

Hi guys have you interest in fast speed racing game! Test your driving skills in difficult levels. Collect coins to upgrade car, avoid enemy cars, keep your car undamaged in given level to win the game, enjoy! Earn cash and upgrade your car and also customize your vehicles with different colors. Enjoy all colors free for your all 3d vehicles. Challenging environment used for improve your driving skills. Face the challenges of unique hill climbing and city environments with many different cars. Gain bonuses from daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher score.

【免費賽車遊戲App】Real Car Racing Game 3D-APP點子


- Upgrade and customize your own vehicles with latest colors.

- Earn cash rewards to unlock new cars

【免費賽車遊戲App】Real Car Racing Game 3D-APP點子

- Challenging and outstanding 3D outdoor environment with stunning graphics

- Realistic sound environment

- Tilt your cell phone or tablet to steer left or right.

【免費賽車遊戲App】Real Car Racing Game 3D-APP點子

- Full HD crazy fast racing game with HD Graphics.

- Used Missile, Gun and Nitro for boost the car.

- Avoid accident with other car-traffic, bus traffic and monster trucks

【免費賽車遊戲App】Real Car Racing Game 3D-APP點子

- Top vehicles used in which 4x4 car, Hammer H3, 4x4 Truck, Pick Up, Land Rover, Miami Vice, Chevrolet Camaro X etc.

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【免費賽車遊戲App】Real Car Racing Game 3D-APP點子

We are the maker of Drag Racing Game – Car Racing 3D, Real Car Racing Game 3D, 3D War Troops etc. Thanks for your feedback and ratings.

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【免費賽車遊戲App】Real Car Racing Game 3D-APP點子

A Game Developed By 3DGamesera Studios

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