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Maximize Your Rugby!

Real-time Rugby is the world’s only comprehensive, yet intuitively simple and rugby centric bi-platform Smartphone Application that enables the world of grass roots Rugby to share its ultimate rugby experiences and rugby scores in Real-time.

Created by Rugby players, coaches and administrators, Real-time Rugby is designed to deliver Rugby and Rugby League out of the dark ages and into the light.

If designated an official, you can report the rugby scores of any match. If designated a team admin, you can report the rugby results of any of your team’s home matches.

Once our Real-time Rugby wizard approves your status as an official or team admin, a corresponding icon will appear on your Real-time Rugby home screen.

Real-time Rugby allows Rugby and Rugby League Coaches, Administrators, players, friends, family, and fans to enjoy the following features:

• Create your own personal Rugby or Rugby League profile, share rugby scores, pics, videos, chat and your other ultimate rugby experiences.

• Create your Rugby or Rugby League team’s personalized page including; logo, directions to pitch, about, members, Rugby League or Rugby match schedule and Rugby League or Rugby results, etc...

• Create your own personalized scrolling scoreboard – you can choose the Rugby or Rugby League teams/matches you want to follow and:

- The rugby scores and results will scroll across your home and profile pages in Real-time.

- A list of “My Followed Matches” will publish all your Real-time Rugby and Rugby League scores. - Red matches are finals.

【免費運動App】Real-time Rugby-APP點子

- Every time there is a rugby score change for one of the rugby matches you are following, you will receive an alert to your smartphone.

• If you open a Rugby or Rugby League match, you can follow all the scoring events as they happen and chat with anyone in the world in Real-time about the results or your ultimate rugby experience.

- In our chat section, you can find any other Rugby or Rugby League fans at the field, pitch or stadium.

• All scoring events are time-stamped when entered.

• Real-time Scores

【免費運動App】Real-time Rugby-APP點子

- Tries & conversions

- Penalty goals

【免費運動App】Real-time Rugby-APP點子

- Drop goals

- Player name/number (optional)

• Misconduct

【免費運動App】Real-time Rugby-APP點子

- Yellow/red card

- Player name/number

【免費運動App】Real-time Rugby-APP點子

- Brief report of transgression

• Substitution

- Number of player on and off

• If a team admin or official changes the date/time/venue of one of your followed rugby matches, you will receive push alerts/banners letting you know of the change, so you don’t miss kickoff or go to the wrong venue.

• You can search for any Rugby or Rugby League match by date or team.

• We have compiled a database of every team at every level in the United States and Canada including Rugby Union, Rugby League & wheelchair rugby.

Coming Soon:

• Real-time Rugby Global Rollout - We’re rolling out Real-time Rugby to every English speaking, Rugby & Rugby League playing nation, across the globe.

【免費運動App】Real-time Rugby-APP點子

• The ability to enter schedules into the Real-time Rugby platform via data dump (CSV Doc).

• Follow button from the “Teams” page.

【免費運動App】Real-time Rugby-APP點子

• Kickoff Alert – You will receive push alerts when the matches you are following are about to kick off.

• Bulletin Board on teams page allowing Team admin to post items triggering alerts

【免費運動App】Real-time Rugby-APP點子

• Roster feature – Team Admin can enter full Team and match rosters which will be integrated with scoring feature

• Social Media integration – ability to shares scores & results to Facebook & Twitter

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