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Cupboard full of ingredients but nothing to eat? Tired of hearing 'What's for Dinner?' and 'oh, that again?' in the same conversation?

Install Recipe Planner and it will walk you through a list of ingredients you may already have in your kitchen...Once finished, you can request

a short list of menus choose from or, if you don't want the blame for picking the 'wrong' item, just click 'Tell me what to make'. Either way

you'll get a quick list of ingredients needed to prepare the dish, with a guarantee that you'll have everything you need.

Where other menu suggestion applications might return few results because your pantry doesn't match their ingredient list precisely, Recipe

Planner's menus consist of a preferred ingredient list and alternate or optional ingredients in almost every category. Don't have spaghetti

noodles for Spaghetti? Penne noodles work just as well and might be a new favorite in your house. Have the rest of the ingredients for

hamburgers, but out of bread? Don't let those hot dog buns go to waste.

Since you don't want a program to tell you to keep making the same thing over and over, Recipe Planner utilizes a rating system...just rate the

menu and future suggestions will mix highly rated items along with unrated items to keep thing fresh.

Plans for future versions of Recipe Planner include

* An expanded menu and ingredient list

【免費生活App】Recipe Planner-APP點子

* A shopping list feature that will allow you to tag items to pick up on your next trip to the store

* A bonus shopping feature that will look through items you don't have, and suggest items will fill the most menus.

【免費生活App】Recipe Planner-APP點子

* Full recipes including cooking directions, ratings from other users and on online database for new menus and ingredients so you don't have to

upgrade the application to take advantage of new stuff.

* Ingredient filter to let you specify a main or side ingredient you want to use up or use as a main course for the meal (most requested update

so far)

Thanks for trying Recipe Planner, and please send you comments and suggestions.

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