Recipes for Life

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**Free Download App Membership $9.99/year is Paid in App After Download**

**What You Will Find In the My Essential Recipes for Life App:**

Positive Affirmations and Insights from the book ‘Calling All Angels’ by Rachelle Castor

Find DIY Recipes that we teach in our weekly and monthly classes here at My Oil Business

Find Recipes from Jonell Francis’ book ‘The Feel Good Cookbook’

【免費健康App】Recipes for Life-APP點子

Do you Live Gluten Free? Find some of our Favorite Gluten Free Recipes on the My Essential Recipes for Life App

Look for Health Tips and Tricks to easily to steps to make your life better.

Find Recipes for Essential Oil Roll-on Blends

Find Recipes that Use Essential Oils in Cooking and for tips and tricks to cook with essential oils.

Exclusive Monthly Promotions for Those with Active App Membership

Not only will you find valuable content that helps you be healthy and incorporating essential oils into your daily life, but there are also exclusive monthly promotions that only our app members receive. All monthly promotions are found at the scrolling text at the bottom of the screen.

**Easily Share Any Information on the App**

The My Essential Recipes for Life app makes it easy to share the information with others with the Share Option. When you are looking at a certain oil or information there are two options on the top left hand side, Keep or Share. When you click on share there will be two options that show up: Share via Text and Share via Email. This makes it very easy to share the information and to get a persons contact information so you can get them a sample, invite them to a class, set up a time to meet with them and do a one on one, and for you to teach them more about essential oils if they are interested in learning more.

**Why Does the App Cost $9.99/year? **

Not only do you receive monthly exclusive offers, but by downloading the app for free from iTunes or Google Play and by paying for the App, then you now can download the app onto all the devices in your household including your phone, your tablet, your iPad etc.

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