Recording Track

【免費生活App】Recording Track-APP點子

This application solves your following requests.

I would like to leave as recollections with the footprint which moved the place visited while traveling.

【免費生活App】Recording Track-APP點子

I would like to record the map to a new store or a point and to tell a friend.

I would like to leave a way as it wandered in a walk or cycling.

Moreover, I would like to know the distance of which, and time were moved.

【免費生活App】Recording Track-APP點子

A method is performed using GPS and a Google map.

【免費生活App】Recording Track-APP點子

The locus which moved onto the map using GPS is saved.

Moreover, a marker can be attached at the key point and a note of the matter which remained in memory can be made.

The saved locus can be classified a tag exception and according to a date, and it can look back upon it, and can look at it on a map.

【免費生活App】Recording Track-APP點子

Moreover a marker can be added or it can also edit.

There are the other following functions.

【免費生活App】Recording Track-APP點子

Combination of the saved locus can be performed.

Two loci from B point and B point to [ from A point ] C point

【免費生活App】Recording Track-APP點子

From A point to C point can be mixed unitedly.

Record of the locus taken to break off and break off for a travel etc. is made to one.

【免費生活App】Recording Track-APP點子

A photograph can be attached to a marker.

   Reading and writing are possible in a KML format (Data exchange can be carried out with google map in a KML format).

   Please see following URL for operation.


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