Red Alert Car Wash

【免費角色扮演App】Red Alert Car Wash-APP點子

Red Alert! You are in charge of keeping Emergency Cars clean and ready for action! It's time to begin!

Have you ever been to a carwash station? Play this game and make your dream into a reality. Meet the coolest car in town! But he is all dirty. Help clean this car first and give him a total make-over before you get back to the road. Learn how to use various cleaning tools. Wash it thoroughly with soap and water. Scrub and brush all the dirt. Rinse it well and use a towel to dry it. Don't forget to give it a complete car waxing session as well and make this car sparkle. Now you're ready to hit the road! This is really fun and easy to play. Enjoy!


Choose a car from a variety. Then clean and polish it using various tools. Scrub, rinse, brush, buff, and wax the car thoroughly. Save to photo gallery and share with friends.

- Amazing Graphics

- Cool Sounds

【免費角色扮演App】Red Alert Car Wash-APP點子

- Awesome Cars

Be the best driver in town with a clean gorgeous car!


Download ‘Red Alert Car Wash’ now and have some fun!

【免費角色扮演App】Red Alert Car Wash-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Red Alert Car Wash-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Red Alert Car Wash-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Red Alert Car Wash-APP點子

【免費角色扮演App】Red Alert Car Wash-APP點子

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