Red Desaturation Test

【免費健康App】Red Desaturation Test-APP點子

This eye test is designed to reveal visual field defects in person's eyes in the most pleasant, intuitive and stress-free way for FREE.

Vision test is useful for:

- Prevention

- House visits

- Household tests for adults who have doubts if a doctor's visit is required

【免費健康App】Red Desaturation Test-APP點子


- Random test charts to eliminate boring and repeating experiences;

- Voice controls to help you navigate easier;

- Smooth and intuitive interface with animations.

【免費健康App】Red Desaturation Test-APP點子


According to several studies patients have visual complaints from 2 to 10 years before some types of optic nerve diseases were diagnosed.

If optic nerve diseases are detected early, visual loss may be reversible.

Red Desaturation is known to be a good indicator of neurological visual field defects.

This test may be taken even if retention of acuity and/or form perception are affected.

Patients with non-specific visual/vision loss should be checked for visual field defects by means of red desaturation test and central vision test.

The Red Desaturation Test is made with the best of intentions. The intuitive and flawless design allows you to navigate easily through the application. The voice guidance is provided during the test so that you don't need to move your mobile device near or far to read the instructions but instead you can hear the nice voice guiding you through different steps and actions. The voice can easily be muted and unmuted.

In the test one should identify if the given red areas have the same rich red color or the colors appear more desatured pink or orange. At the end of the test results will show whether the person may have neurological visual field defects or not for each eye separately.

More details about red desaturation, eye examination tests and trainings as well as other eye related topics can be found in our blog.

The Red Desaturation Test is continuously under improvement so your feedback is appreciated!

【免費健康App】Red Desaturation Test-APP點子


- Take the most comfortable position to relax.

- Have a mild nature light and no glare on the phone screen.

- Place your phone approx. 50 cm/20 inches from your eyes.

- Cover one eye at a time with your hand.

【免費健康App】Red Desaturation Test-APP點子

- Stare at the center of the screen. Do not let your eye drift.

- Try to identify if you see rich red or desaturated and washed out pinky/orange colors.

Supported Languages:

- English

- Russian

【免費健康App】Red Desaturation Test-APP點子


We highly recommend using our Eye Care Plus that allows to pass a more detailed eye examination as well as train your eye muscles for better vision.


This application is not intended to replace optician's regular full examination. We recommend you get a full eye test after using it.

【免費健康App】Red Desaturation Test-APP點子

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