Isn't every work-out about outdoing the previous one? Every run about outrunning your last timing? Wouldn't it be nice, if you could so just that, all at the touch of a button? Reebok presents Reebbot. An app that powers your workout with an extra adrenaline boost, using binaural beats to help you go the extra mile.

Reeboot embeds the music in your smartphone with binaural beats i.e. two tones of slightly different frequencies. When presented separately to each ear using stereo headphones at the right frequency, these sounds make the body release adrenaline leaving you charged up and raring to go. So that you keep running, walking, dancing, cycling, without losing steam halfway.

So plug in your headphones, amp up the sound and keep going on and on and on.

App Features:

- Binaural beat button to give you an adrenaline boost

- Music feature with additional controls

- GPS tracking, to track your runs, walks, cycling and more

- Detailed workout stats including pace, distance, time, split timings and calories burnt

- Workout tracking, to compare workouts over a period of time

- Share feature to compare workout stats with friends

Note: Binaural beats are best experienced with a good set of stereo earphones or headphones.

Disclaimer: If you are feeling nervous please do not try this






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