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Refresh App-Launcher for Android - only $1 - Refresh Basic is also $1!

Refresh App-Launcher allows you to automatically run up to 3 apps after you manually reboot or restart your device. This will work on a non-rooted device.

If you have a rooted device and have the option to reboot your device, you can get Refresh Basic to compliment App-Launcher and schedule auto-reboots on your schedule.

*Get the Full version to auto reboot on a schedule (RFRSH - Refresh of Android) and launch up to 3 apps on a scheduled auto-reboot. Set Pandora to wake you up. Run skype or fring, news app, etc.)

【免費工具App】Refresh App-Launcher-APP點子

---Free App!!!---SMS Sentinel---

v3.3 (1) Added a "Schedule Mode" to auto-respond on a schedule (weekly meeting time, dinner time, bed time, etc), and to conserve battery power because the sensors are disabled on the schedule. (2) Added a second auto-response message. (3) Fixed issue where some phones had incoming phone call ring silenced. Incoming phone calls now ring normally when driving, only the text message is silenced. (4) Improved operation to reduce battery power consumption that was a problem on some devices. (5) on Web web portal, clicking on GPS coordinates shows location on google maps.

"Break the Habit! Don't text and drive!" SMS Sentinel silences your message notifications and auto-responds with your message to any text , SMS/MMS received while driving. Suspend the app when you really need to get that message or phone calls. But if you are a parent or administrator who needs to make sure they are following your guidelines about texting and driving. You can enable the Sentinel option which has a yearly subscription. For less than a $1 dollar a month, you can log on to our website and see if the are texting and driving. You will know the date, time, speed GPS location and the number they messaged. If they uninstall or turn off the app you can opt to be notified via email. And for emergencies, 3 chosen SMS telephone numbers can suspend the app temporarily.

SMS Sentinel is the only SMS app that can be remotely accessed, customized to your speed (default is 5 mph) and wait times (time the vehicle is stopped before allowing notifications to resume - default is 2 minutes) and remote suspend or enable the app via a bypass code.

Auto reply to SMS, auto respond to text messages while driving! Drive Safely! SMS AutoResponder!

Rate us! Please put your device and ROM in the comments!

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