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This application will help you keep track of blood glucose and weight. Will be able to view the data in a table or in several charts to help you get a quick view of your health conditions like diabetes, both in the level of glucose in their weight as very important information for your health.

Keep a historical record of blood glucose and weight

Based on data provided by offers the following information:

* Rating glucose level (high, normal or low)

【免費健康App】Register Glucose Pro-APP點子

* Body Mass Index

* Percentage of body fat


【免費健康App】Register Glucose Pro-APP點子

(mg / dl) USA

(mmol / l) internationally.

Easy to use interface makes it easy to add new data entries.

Graphics features

It handles with fingers

【免費健康App】Register Glucose Pro-APP點子

Zoom with two fingers or the zoom buttons built

Each point is the legend of its value

【免費健康App】Register Glucose Pro-APP點子

Move axis "X" - "Y" with your finger.

1. - No ads

2. - Export data to Excel or other compatible applications cvs format

【免費健康App】Register Glucose Pro-APP點子

3. - Send data via email.

4. - Supporting information.

【免費健康App】Register Glucose Pro-APP點子

5. - Export data or other devices

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