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Spice up your sex life with valuable information delivered 24/7 to your smartphone.

In a marriage, it’s not unusual for the stresses of daily life to impact your energy for physical intimacy; an integral element in the foundation of a strong and happy marriage.

Featuring counseling from Daniel M. Hughes, one of the world’s leading Clinical Counselors, this Go Mobiletherapy app is designed to deepen your awareness of the value of consistently being and feeling connected to your partner. The goal of the Go Mobiletherapy Intimacy App is for you and your partner to break down the physical barriers in your relationship so that you can enhance how effectively—and enjoyably—you connect, emotionally and physically. Best of all, this marriage therapy App is conveniently accessible from your phone; this advanced technology allows powerful content to be effortlessly compatible with your busy life.

The Marriage Therapy - Intimacy App has recently been described by Andrew from Vancouver as, “an eye-opening look at the correlation between my levels of stress and my ability to connect intimately with my wife!”


A POWERFUL, IN-DEPTH APPCAST that you can listen to or read. Within this marriage therapy AppCast lie profound core concepts that will steer you towards heightened levels of physical intimacy and emotional connection. Once you adopt these tried-and-true strategies, your marriage will rocket to a whole new level.

40 POWERFUL DAILY TIPS on the topic of how couples can break down the physical barriers that cause your physical intimacy to be less than satisfying. These insightful marriage therapy Tips, which set a positive tone at the start of each day, are offered in either audio or text format and are accessible directly on the App or by choosing to receive a daily email. These Tips provide a gentle reminder that encourage you to make small changes often so that, before you know it, you’ll have scaled the seemingly insurmountable heights and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of amplifying your physical—and emotional—satisfaction.


VIDEO FAQ INTRODUCTION OF DANIEL M. HUGHES, the therapist who has practiced these modalities with great success throughout twenty-five years of marriage counseling. Here he explains the concepts behind Better Life Mobiletherapy and how creating new habits will transform your marriage.

AN ADDITIONAL 10 COMPELLING BONUS TIPS from the amazing Marriage Therapy - Parenting App that will guide you and your partner to better navigate those stressful parenting moments.

Download the Marriage Therapy – Intimacy App now! Experience the transformation that happens when you and your partner enhance your physical and emotional connection.

【免費健康App】Relationship Advice - Intimacy-APP點子

【免費健康App】Relationship Advice - Intimacy-APP點子

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