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✰✰✰ LoClock Reminder is the perfect reminder application for alarms based on specific time or location. ✰✰✰

★With 'LoClock Reminder' you can create alarms based on Date/Time, Location or both of them in just a few seconds. As opposed to other reminder apps, 'LoClock Reminder' offers you the possibility to make an alarm based on a specific location. In other words, you can define an alarm to an address and by getting there it will remind you.

★As we see it, 'LoClock Reminder' may be the next app for car drivers that need to communicate while driving. The 'send sms at specific location or time' option can encourage drivers not to use their phone while driving. If needed to inform somebody about something while driving, the driver may set an sms alarm for that time/location and the message will be automatically sent.

★Another feature that LoClock Reminder has is to sync tasks with your Google Calendar account. Every task you create with LoClock Reminder, will be displayed in your Google calendar too (in your phone device or desktop as well)!

★Also with this reminder you can share your tasks with your friends on Facebook / Twitter / Google+ or send the task to your friends by email!

★New feature LoClock Reminder has is sending SMS to anyone you want (friends from your contacts or a phone number) in a specific time or when getting to a specific place!

★'LoClock Reminder' designed that way anybody could understand and see everything easily, without searching for hidden features.

★Basic features of the app:★

✰ Create easily alarms(based specific time/date or location).

✰ Change alarm settings such as mute alarms, vibration, ringtone, length of alarm, snooze, length of snooze, acceptance of the alarm, picture, etc..

【免費生活App】Reminder Premium-APP點子

✰ Define 'Home address' for alarms based location.

✰ Sync alarms with Google Calendar.

✰ Create SMS alarms - when alarm goes on, a SMS message is sent.

【免費生活App】Reminder Premium-APP點子

✰ Clicking on each alarm will pop up window with its settings.

LoClock Reminder is a free app for reminding yourself your daily tasks and with this reminder you will no longer need to remember your daily schedule.

Asked Permissions:

- WAKE_LOCK : To open your device screen when alarm goes on.

- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION + ACCESS_MOCK_LOCATION : To see your location for location based alarms.

【免費生活App】Reminder Premium-APP點子

- INTERNET + ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : To sync alarms with Google calendar.

- VIBRATE : To vibrate your device when alarm goes on.

- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : After device is restarted, receive the created alarms.

【免費生活App】Reminder Premium-APP點子

- SEND_SMS + WRITE_SMS + READ_SMS : To manage SMS messages for sms alarms.

- READ_CONTACTS : To let you choose your contacts to send them sms.

- READ_PHONE_STATE : To check if device is in call state, if so - mute the alarm.

【免費生活App】Reminder Premium-APP點子

- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : To let you pick ringtones from your device storage.

For any questions or complains you can send me a message to my email:

【免費生活App】Reminder Premium-APP點子

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