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Using the application 'Remote Control' (client) for Android or Windows Phone you can control the computer with Operating System Windows XP/7/8 (server), change the volume level, set the player on pause, view photos, shutdown PC using timer.

Program requires: home WIFI network which is connected to a smartphone based on Android 2.1 or up, a PC with Windows XP/7/8 is connected to the same local network. Program (client) must be installed on a smartphone, program (server) must be installed on PC.

Installation manual:

1 Download and install it on a computer with Windows XP/7/8 program 'Remote Control Server' - (Server) ; Setup.exe


2 Download and install on your Android device 'Remote Control Client' (Client) - this application.

3 Start on PC the Server, generated 'access code' and 'IP address' from server. Enter this information to the Android remote control client.


1 Volume Control PC

2 Power Control PC

3 Run media players applications on PC

4 Play/Pause media players on PC

5 Show Current Time on PC

6 Sleep timer PC

7 Mute

8 Full screen mode of media players

9 Scan and search media file - video, music and photo

10 Make screenshot from PC and download to smartphone

11 Incoming call make mute on PC / stay pause. After call mute is off.

The program contains a built-in photo viewer IrfanView and built music player AIMP3. To view RAW images is recommended to install PICASA

We are recommend VLC because it tested, and other players can change hot-keys in new version of program and became not comptable with RC program.

Compatible with the program 'Remote Control' media players are:

VLC media player;


Windows Media Player;

Total Media Theatre;

Winamp Media Player;

【免費工具App】Remote Control PC-APP點子




Media Player Classic;

GOM Player;

GOM Audio Player;


IP-TV Player;


Light Alloy Player

Your custom application

Update with server from

New in ver 2.0

1 Fix more errors

2 Fix widget for correct work

3 Added work with photo files

4 Added playlist for video, music and photo

5 Add scan and search media files - video, music and photo

6 Incoming call make mute on PC, show call number and the name of the caller. After call mute is off.

7 Make UDP communications with server for more fast snswer from server. FTP type need for Windows 8.

8 Increased speed of the program

9 Added built-in to server photo viewer IrfanView and built music player AIMP3 for best integration, for video best way used VLC media player -

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