Reserve Gas

【免費運動App】Reserve Gas-APP點子

This is a "easy to use" tool to calculate the amount of reserve gas / bail out gas you need to make a dive.

just fill ind the parameter and you will get the,

【免費運動App】Reserve Gas-APP點子

* accent time from bottom to the first gas switch,

* the amount of gas needed to get you and your team safe to the first gas switch, in case of an "out of gas" both in litter and in bar

* and finely how lang dive time you have on the bottom, if you are not using your reserve gas

The program can be used both fore Tec and Rec divers.

The algorithm for the calculation is bases on the classic DIR method to calculate the reserve gas.

Note though it is a pay App, there is advertising in it, it is done to keep the price down on this app if it turns out down the road that people want an advertising free App you may I re-launch it to a slightly higher price without advertising, let me know.

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