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【免費程式庫與試用程式App】Restaurant App-APP點子

Restaurant app is a Titanium Mobile application developed for Restaurants, Cafe lounge, recipes apps.

Building mobile app for your business or client can be very expensive and time consuming.

【免費程式庫與試用程式App】Restaurant App-APP點子

We have created admin panel for it. In this admin panel you can cnfigure the app enter menu items, and news items. If you want to play with the code, most settings are in one file only. So you will need very basic programing knowledge or no need of them at all if you use the admin panel.

App works for iPhone ( all models including iPhone5 ), iPad and on all Android devices and versions.

App is well structured into Modules, so it is stable, easy to debug and extend. You will not need back-end for your mobile app. So you don’t need hosting and database to run your app.

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