Retroid Shooting Free

【免費街機App】Retroid Shooting Free-APP點子

Free version

Up to 10th stage only

Touch and slide droids to missle!

Blast off invaiders and save the Earth!

Retroid Shooting is good-old classic shooting game; simple and addictive.

Just touch and slide eight droids lined up on the bottom of the screen

【免費街機App】Retroid Shooting Free-APP點子

to missle.

It's a simple game, but "Bonus" and "Fever" adds spice.

First, clear every stage, and next, aim for the high-score!!

Watch out for the tons of enemy attacking at once..

【免費街機App】Retroid Shooting Free-APP點子

Don't hurt your finger and machine from rubbing the screen too much!

【免費街機App】Retroid Shooting Free-APP點子

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