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Wish you had a Hollywood skin care expert in your home? Now you CAN! This Vook, "Return to Beauty" mixes expert tips from a Hollywood skin care specialist with incredible video. Get it now and embark on this revolutionary new approach to beauty today. Narine Nikogosian's advice is based on information passed down from generations of gracefully aging women from her native Armenia, as well as her own experiences from twenty years of creating her own skin care programs. Try Narine's recipes in your kitchen or take the vook to the store to help you figure out what ingredients you need to buy to make your skin look younger and healthier. Just a few of this Vook's features: 16 videos demonstrating facial techniques and skin care recipes; 13 chapters showing you exactly how to make your skin younger and healthier; · connect to the world of social media to learn more from Narine; watch Narine videos on the go; natural book-like reading experience, swipe to turn the page; easily adjust font size, text reflows automatically. You deserve to age beautifully. Don't let another day go by without this Vook.

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