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【免費街機App】Ringer by MTGameSpace-APP點子

Ringer is a game of digital marbles played on a mat and has 5 available levels with 5 different shooters. Every time you shoot a marble off the mat, you get 1 point, however a multiplier is incremented every time you press the fire button, which is multiplied against the number of marbles that are shot off the mat. Each level has an increasing number of marbles to shoot at; Level 1 has 13, level 2 has 17, level 3 has 25, level 4 has 33, and level 5 has 41. After making an initial shot, if the shooter is still on the mat you have the option of changing shooters with another that has more power and mass or you can continue with your current shooter. The first shooter is pretty low powered and you can use it to round up the marbles to go for a kill, then switch up the shooter with a more powerful one and make a shot that takes them all down. The shooter always shoots towards the center of the mat, unless the sight is used, which is controlled using the right joy stick. The left joy stick moves the shooter and sight around the mat or zooms in and out before the shooter is first fired. After the shooter is fired, your position will determine the direction the shooter is fired, but the sight will still be available, and can actually provide for some really tricky shots.


【免費街機App】Ringer by MTGameSpace-APP點子

Return button: will take you back to the start screen, where you have the options of selecting the same or another level or exiting the game. Selecting any level restarts the level, but your selections made previously such as shooter position and shooter will remain.

Select Button: opens a drop down of shooters available, or cancel.

Fire Button: fires the shooter.

Right Joy Stick: positions the sight.

Left Joy Stick: positions the shooter and re-positions the sight when moving left or right around the marble mat, or zooms in or out from your position.

If you make a personal high score and you want to save it for posterity or bragging rights, then you have to take a screen shot. You will also not be able to save games. You can restart an older game by using the back button on your tablet or phone and then clicking the Ringer icon, which will reopen the game to your last position and score, if the game is stopped for some reason, like getting a phone call.

This game was tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Tab 2, Note 10.1(both the 2012 and 2014 editions), and a vitalASC 7"(low res 800x480) tablet. If your tablet or phone is lower then 800x480 then it is probably to low res to look right, because 800x480 is the default low res supported.


【免費街機App】Ringer by MTGameSpace-APP點子

This game does not store any information from it's users, does not connect to the web in any way shape or form, does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, does not have any ads or system interference, does not have any sex or nudity, is not spyware or phishware, and is rated GCF for good clean fun.

Ringer is a game of digital marbles. So have fun.

【免費街機App】Ringer by MTGameSpace-APP點子

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