Riposte for fencing referees

【免費運動App】Riposte for fencing referees-APP點子

Application for refereeing fencing. Keeps track of score, time, period and cards.

Clean interface free of clutter. Most screen elements can be pressed to activate and pressed+held to undo.

Example: tapping the score increments it and pressing and holding subtracts a touch.

Has many different type of bouts: 5, 10, 15, team, best 2 of 3, 15 touch sabre as well as custom length.

Most features can be turned on/off in settings to customize to your liking.

These can all be turned on or off in the settings:

Automatic 1 minute rest between periods.

Beep and vibrate to confirm events.

【免費運動App】Riposte for fencing referees-APP點子

Pause bout on score.

Display fencer's names.

Increment opponents score on a red card.

Display score +/- buttons if you'd prefer that over the press/hold method.

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免費玩Riposte for fencing referees App

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