Rise of War : Eternal Heroes

【免費策略App】Rise of War : Eternal Heroes-APP點子

⊕↓⊕Up your game! Master your Strategy!⊕↓⊕

Recruit heroes from ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome & Persia and train them into powerful generals which lead your troops into battle.

Play a game for WARRIORS, None of that Cartoon Nonsense!

【免費策略App】Rise of War : Eternal Heroes-APP點子

Stunning battle ANIMATIONS and TACTICAL combat.

RPG ADVENTURE, never seen before in any STRATEGY game!

【免費策略App】Rise of War : Eternal Heroes-APP點子

Unique CUSTOMIZABLE heroes: Train, Equip, Hero Pairing, and much more!

True city building FREEDOM and progression.


【免費策略App】Rise of War : Eternal Heroes-APP點子

★★★★★“This is the perfect game. It is easy to pick up yet hard to master! With other games, you spend days building and are just too complicated”

★★★★★ “Finally! A strategy game that is NOT a ‘TAP and WAIT’. This game beautifully combines a fast-paced RTS with hundreds of legendary heroes that literally lead your troops into battle.

【免費策略App】Rise of War : Eternal Heroes-APP點子

★★★★★ “Never played strategy games before, but I’m already loving it! The community is huge and they update it regularly, seems they really want players to love this game!”

★★★★★“Everything about this game is so smooth! From loading to in game battles to real time chat.


【免費策略App】Rise of War : Eternal Heroes-APP點子

√Build your EMPIRE & Conquer all foes!

√ACTION packed game play and PROGRESSION like never before!

【免費策略App】Rise of War : Eternal Heroes-APP點子

√Recruit your favorite HISTORIC, LEGENDARY & FOLKLORE HEROES from ancient GREECE, ROME and PERSIA.

√All skilled HEROES come with unique abilities and stunning BATTLE animations.

√Craft, upgrade and socket LEGENDARY weaponry and armor.

【免費策略App】Rise of War : Eternal Heroes-APP點子

√RESEARCH technologies & ENHANCE your troops to make your EMPIRE more POWERFUL!

√Create or Join an ALLIANCE and conquer enemies together or battle in the EPIC Imperial City Alliance BATTLE to become KING!

【免費策略App】Rise of War : Eternal Heroes-APP點子

√Chat and strategize with your friends and alliance or banter in WORLD CHAT before laying waste to your enemies!

Languages Supported:

Arabic, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano,Polski, Português, Русский, Swedish, tiếng Việt, Thai, Türkçe, 한국어 (Korean), 日本語 (Japanese) 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese), 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese),

【免費策略App】Rise of War : Eternal Heroes-APP點子

ATTENTION! Rise of War is a free to play strategy game, but some items and features can also be accessed using real money. If you do not wish to use these features, please configure your settings in your Google Play Store app and set up password protection for purchases.

NOTE: A network connection is required to play.

【免費策略App】Rise of War : Eternal Heroes-APP點子

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