Road Conditions

【免費交通運輸App】Road Conditions-APP點子

NEW! Introducing Oregon Road Conditions

*** For California and Oregon only: more states coming soon ***

Road Conditions 1.0 is a free, full featured reference guide to the latest road conditions in the state you select. Quickly find out which roads are safe to travel, are closed, or are having traffic/roadwork issues for which an alternate route would be best. Keep you and your family safe by knowing in advance which roads are safe or dangerous to travel!

Key features

- Ability to browse or search for a road by state

【免費交通運輸App】Road Conditions-APP點子

- Visually browse for rest areas

- Mark favorite roads for easy reference


Our system updates road condition data from the state's Department of Transportation's website every two minutes. Road Conditions is intended for informational purposes only, not as a life-saving application. Use at your own risk. It is not intended as a replacement for common sense or standard precautions. Road Conditions and Let There Be Light Innovations assumes no responsibility for damages caused by the use of, the lack of the use of, the unavailability of, or the falsity of the information provided by this application. Please consult the website of the state you're travelling in for more information about current road conditions and roads safety.

Let There Be Light Innovations

Road Conditions was created by Let There Be Light Innovations. Please visit online at We value your feedback and input.

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