BMW Roadside © 2012 Allstate Insurance Company Version 3.2.0 Have a flat tire? Run out of gas? Need a tow? BMW Roadside Assistance offers outstanding travel protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You, as well as other drivers of your BMW, are covered in all 50 states, including Canada and Puerto Rico. The BMW Roadside Assistance app has been carefully designed to make requesting assistance faster, more accurate and convenient; a premium ownership experience, when you need it. Functions:? Request assistance for a mechanical issue, dead battery, flat tire, out of fuel, lock out, and more? Select a preferred dealer to contact for appointments and as a default service destination? Use GPS, maps and satellite to pinpoint the vehicle location ? Follow a dialogue assisting you in diagnosing the problem and requesting appropriate service? Retrieve confirmation service is on the way and the estimated time of arrival ? Your BMW’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) confirms eligibility for Roadside Assistance, as covered by BMW



* The app is free and so is roadside assistance within your BMW warranty period. Services for vehicles outside of manufacturer’s warranty coverage are subject to fees. Extended Roadside Assistance coverage for BMW vehicles beyond their warranty period is available for purchase. Registering your BMW’s VIN expedites service. Model years 1994 and older may not be able to register, but are eligible to use the service. Only available for North American Vehicles.


*Subject to certain limitations and exclusions. See your Owner's Manual for details.

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