Control the NXT Mindstorms Crocodile using your iPhone as a remote. All you need is a PC and a WiFi network.

Control the crocodile by choosing one of the two remotes:

- button control remote: tap and hold buttons to move forward, backward, left foot,right foot, open or close the mouth, byte or make a charging attack.

- move the phone through the air, tilt to the left, to the right, forward, back and the crocodile will start to follow the movements.

You will be ready to drive your Lego crocodile in less then 5 minutes, by following this easy steps:

1.) go to our website and download the PC Server (follow the instructions for RoboRemote Humanoid for more details)


2.) download and start RoboCroc

3.) tap on the desired remote button on the main scren

4.) start the PC Server and click connect. At this point the RoboCroc app on your iPhone should connect to the PC Server

5.) turn on your NXT and enable bluetooth

6.) click Connect on the PC Server next to the NXT label.

7.) when the button on the RoboCroc turns green, all the connections are done, and you cand tap it to start controlling your robot.

You can go back and forth between the two remotes without the need to reconnect.


You need to be on a WiFi enabled network, and your PC/MAC and NXT must also have bluetooth enabled.


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