Robot Big Defense

【免費模擬App】Robot Big Defense-APP點子

This fast-paced top-down shooter tests your aiming and strategic planning skills as you wipe out waves of attacking robots determined to bypass your gun emplacement.

The conflict started when researchers from Earth were visiting Mars. There they discovered multiple types of walking robots. Some were slow, others were sprinters. Still others had unique abilities.

But their amazement turned to horror when these Robots followed them to Earth … and invaded!

Earths only hope is now a massive cannon called "Kondensator Mammoth" which fires deadly nuclear projectiles. You are the commander and you must not fail!

Use your powerful cannon to let no robots pass the city and destroy civilization. Simple swipe and on-screen button controls let you rotate your cannon and fine-tune your aim for maximum destruction.

But you must choose your target and conserve your ammunition carefully – you have only a limited supply of bullets and other munitions. Re-loading at the wrong time allows attacking Robots past your guard!

You can upgrade your weapon whenever you accumulate enough gold.

Is a basic single cannon not good enough for you? Try dual and tri-cannons … super-cannons … missiles … mines … freeze waves … and extended lives too!

In fact, you’ll need all these plus your best skills to hold off wave after wave of Robots. Are you up to the challenge of defending Earth from the mechanized invasion?

Then download Robot Big Defense right now and see how many challenging levels you can get past!

【免費模擬App】Robot Big Defense-APP點子

【免費模擬App】Robot Big Defense-APP點子

【免費模擬App】Robot Big Defense-APP點子

【免費模擬App】Robot Big Defense-APP點子

【免費模擬App】Robot Big Defense-APP點子

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