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Do you want to travel in the future and become a cyberghost? Try out our new robotek faces app Make Me Robot. Are you looking for an original caricature maker, which offers something new? Then you will celebrate our Make Me Robot app with various tools and camera effects! This photo collage maker contains variety of photo effects, which will help you to create a futuristic photography.

Insert and edit a photo as if you are a character of a cyber punk film! Choose various photo grids and frame patterns, change backgrounds to make your photos impressive.

Adjust every photo aspect

* Lot of customized magic mirror effects.

【免費攝影App】Robot Camera-APP點子

* Brightness

【免費攝影App】Robot Camera-APP點子

* Contrast

【免費攝影App】Robot Camera-APP點子

* Saturation

【免費攝影App】Robot Camera-APP點子

* Blur

【免費攝影App】Robot Camera-APP點子

* Temperature

【免費攝影App】Robot Camera-APP點子

* Shadows/Highlights

* Crop

* Focus

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