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【免費音樂App】Rock Radio-APP點子 offers 35+ channels of the best rock music available. Each one is hand-programmed by a channel manager who is an expert in that style. Find all your favorite rock styles including Classic, Hard, Metal, Modern, and many more! is the best digital radio network for rock music fans and attracts people from around the globe. Now it’s available anywhere you want to listen on your Android device.

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- Listen to 35+ hand-programmed rock music channels

- Not sure which channel to pick? Explore the easy-to-use Styles list

- Stream music from the app or in the background while you do other things

- Control audio and view track titles from the lock screen

- Save your favorite channels for quick and easy access later

- New Sleep Timer feature allows you to fall asleep to music without draining your data plan

- Set data streaming preferences for when using a Cellular vs. WiFi network

- Share your favorite tracks and channels on Facebook, Twitter, or by email

- Optional buffer bar with data display helps you keep track of your data usage


- 60's Rock

- 80's Alternative

- 80's Rock

- 90's Alternative

- 90's Rock

- Black Metal

- Blues Rock

- Classic Hard Rock

- Classic Metal

【免費音樂App】Rock Radio-APP點子

- Classic Rock

- Death Metal

- Grunge

- Hair Bands

- Hard Rock

- Heavy Metal

- Indie Rock

- Industrial

- Melodic Death Metal

- Metal

- Metalcore

- Modern Rock

- Nu Metal

- Pop Rock

- Power Metal

- Progressive Rock

- Punk Rock

- Rock Ballads

- Screamo-Emo

- Soft Rock

- Symphonic Metal

【免費音樂App】Rock Radio-APP點子

- Thrash Metal

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