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RollCall™ is a safety text messaging app that lets parents and loved ones know that the sender (college student, kids, traveler) is safe, even when they are away from home. Everyone will love this one-of-a-kind app. This is a must-have for parents of college students because each time they receive a RollCall text they will know the sender is actively using their phone. Students and kids will love it too because it’s hassle-free and they don’t have to remember to text or call everyday!

【免費通訊App】RollCall Safety Text-APP點子

Here’s how it works: The sender downloads the app, creates a message, selects up to 2 contacts that will receive the message and chooses the interval between texts (24 hours to 7 days). This text will be sent to the selected contacts at the designated time, as soon as the sender unlocks their password-protected phone, or is using their phone. The text will be sent at 24 hour intervals based on the sender's phone activity. Since the sender must unlock or be using their phone before the message will be sent each time, the contacts will be reassured knowing the sender is actively using their phone. And if a RollCall text is not received, it may be a reason for concern. The app also has an optional GPS locator feature available that may be particularly helpful for travelers. This location feature can be easily turned off if desired.

【免費通訊App】RollCall Safety Text-APP點子

The RollCall™ smart-phone app works with a $19.99/year (less than 6 cents/day) subscription fee, a very small price for reliable, regular communication and the peace of mind it offers!

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