Rolling Stone

【免費街機App】Rolling Stone-APP點子

The game is all about keeping the stone rolling on the different platforms without crashing into neither the top, the bottom nor the spikes

- Tilt the phone to move the stone

【免費街機App】Rolling Stone-APP點子

- Stay away from spikes

- Do not crash into the top or the bottom

【免費街機App】Rolling Stone-APP點子

- Hit boxes for bonus: extra life, extra points, crumble (spike breaker), slow (platform), multiple (double, treble, etc)

- Platforms speed increases every 1000 pts gained

【免費街機App】Rolling Stone-APP點子

- Select themes to enjoy the game with different gravities, platform speeds or frictions

Physic engine: AndEngine (

Sound effects: The Freesound Project (

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or bug reports, please feel free to contact me so that I can clear things up.

Thank you for your contributions.

【免費街機App】Rolling Stone-APP點子

KWs: fall, falldown, drop, ball, roll, rolling, stone

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