Routine Reminders Widget

【免費生活App】Routine Reminders Widget-APP點子

Get the essential routine and one-off reminders application.

- Quick voice-to-text via choices (so it doesn't insert the wrong text)

【免費生活App】Routine Reminders Widget-APP點子

- Speak multiple times to insert more text (automatically inserted after the currently clicked word, with space)

- Any keyboard input

【免費生活App】Routine Reminders Widget-APP點子

- Quick and easy reminder time setting

- Any number of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or one-off reminders

【免費生活App】Routine Reminders Widget-APP點子

- Auto-updating home screen widget shows next/missed reminder

- Full reminder screen with sound and optional vibration. Shows all simultaneous reminders on the same page. Option to have them on separate pages.

【免費生活App】Routine Reminders Widget-APP點子

- Reminder sound can be set to any ringtone (long) or notification (short) sound on your phone

- Sound off in silent mode

【免費生活App】Routine Reminders Widget-APP點子

- Vibrate can be set to repeat, one-shot, or off, with adjustable duration.

- Touching the reminder screen stops sound/vibration

【免費生活App】Routine Reminders Widget-APP點子

- Status bar notifications at the same time

- All alarms survive even if phone was restarted, switched off, battery ran out or battery was removed, for any duration.

【免費生活App】Routine Reminders Widget-APP點子

- Alarms take daylight savings time into account

- Tapping home screen widget brings up reminders in order of time, earliest first, with "Acknowledge now" buttons for reminders that have been missed (at the top), a "Cancel next" option for routine reminders when its next reminder time is nearing (via long press), and an "Add new reminder" button. Edit/delete reminder by long press. Settings available via menu/options button.

For basic instructions see screenshots. Please use this page as reference.

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