Runtastic Push Ups Trainer PRO

【免費健康App】Runtastic Push Ups Trainer PRO-APP點子

***Optimized for the new iOS 8***

Does breaking the physical barrier of 100 push-ups seem impossible to you?

【免費健康App】Runtastic Push Ups Trainer PRO-APP點子

With the runtastic PushUps PRO app you can now achieve this goal. The app keeps you motivated with an easy to follow training plan that helps you build strength and see constant improvement.

The app has been specially designed using scientific sports training plans that gradually improve your strength and stamina with the ultimate goal of getting to 100 push-ups in a row.

【免費健康App】Runtastic Push Ups Trainer PRO-APP點子

Unique recognition of your push-ups:

Push-ups are counted automatically using the proximity sensor on your iPhone or iPad.

【免費健康App】Runtastic Push Ups Trainer PRO-APP點子


【免費健康App】Runtastic Push Ups Trainer PRO-APP點子

- Three levels with a sports science training plan to complete 100 push-ups

- Count of completed push-ups via proximity sensor or by touching the screen with your nose

- Automatic countdown timer for breaks between sets

【免費健康App】Runtastic Push Ups Trainer PRO-APP點子

- Voice Coach

- Personal records and statistics (e.g. monthly statistics, …)

【免費健康App】Runtastic Push Ups Trainer PRO-APP點子

- Leaderboard for personal records and overall repetitions: compare to others and see how you rank with your Runtastic friends

- Upload of activities to the Runtastic fitness site

- Integrate Runtastic activities to your MyFitnessPal account

【免費健康App】Runtastic Push Ups Trainer PRO-APP點子

- Social media sharing – share your workouts and personal records with friends via Facebook, Twitter or E-Mail

All workouts are saved to your fitness profile at

【免費健康App】Runtastic Push Ups Trainer PRO-APP點子

Using the online community you’ll get further analysis, metrics and comparisons to your friends. Additionally, you can choose a training plan and track your body statistics.

【免費健康App】Runtastic Push Ups Trainer PRO-APP點子

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